After working in their family-owned certified organic flour mill for many years and having great flour at her fingertips Renee Neale was frustrated at the lack of good quality bread that she could access for her growing family. Motivated by this need and through great business relationships with some wonderful bakers (whom she will always praise), Renee started making sourdough. After making many loaves of sourdough for her family and friends over the years Renee felt it necessary to take the next step to share her bread with the local community and so Reverence Sourdough was made.



Reverence Sourdough is real bread made with time and love. Each and every loaf is made from certified organic and sustainable flours that are locally milled in Gunnedah at Wholegrain Milling Co that is family-owned by Renee and Craig Neale. Wholegrain Milling Co flours are sourced from conscious farmers that are mindful of future generations.

Reverence loaves are carefully molded by hand and fermented over 24 hours. The result is a delicious fresh sourdough loaf that is made with health and wellbeing in mind.



Reverence offers a wide variety of loaves that are meticulously handmade using only certified organic and certified sustainable flours.

REVERENCE WHITE: classic white sourdough loaf made from sustainable stoneground and premium white flours


STONEGROUND: a heavier but delicious sourdough made from sustainable stoneground flour


HERITAGE GRAIN: a blend of seven nutritious grains mixed in with sustainable stoneground and premium flours


LIGHT SPELT: a delicious nutty flavoured loaf that is made from stoneground spelt flour


LIGHT RYE: a heavy style sourdough made from organic whole-wheat rye and stoneground heritage flours


SPECIALTY LOAVES: Pumpkin n Pepitas, Olive n Rosemary, Sundried Tomato and Herb, Walnut and Cherries... any many more.

Available every Tuesday at Jack n Jills Café, Gunnedah after 1 pm AND

Thursdays at The Gunnedah Grounds between 12:30pm and 2:30pm (except for school holidays)



Renee Neale | 0417 661 052 | PO Box 659, Gunnedah NSW 2380

hello@reverencesourdough.com.au | reverencesourdough.com.au